Exhuming corpse to make money is increasingly becoming a trade in Ogun State and other parts of the country.

However, the Police had insisted that the illicit trade won’t subsist with the arrest of one Olorunwa Jimoh who is currently cooling his feet in police net for the same offence. Jimoh confessed that his business albeit illegitimate is to search for graveyards from which he exhumes corpses in Ago-Iwoye.

It was gathered that one Otunba Adekoya, a resident of Adekoya Street in the town, caught him in the act in his neighborhood, after which he raised alarm, leading to his arrest and detention at the Ago-Iwoye Divisional Police Headquarters.

The unusual confidence which Jimoh exuded in the presence of policemen painted a picture of an unrepentant man. He even justified his act as a means to survive what he called the hard time.

“What everybody is looking for is what to do to eat. This is my own means of making money to feed myself. Abore is the one who buys any part I take to him,” he said defiantly.

The Police have since commenced a search for Abore who is said to have fled Ago-Iwoye soon after the news of Jimoh’s arrest broke.

The Police, however, have decided to keep a sealed lips on the update regarding the search. “We cannot tell you how far we have gone so that it won’t affect our job. But I can assure you that he would be fished out to confirm or deny the allegation,” Muyiwa Adejobi, Ogun State PPRO said.



The Truth Finally Comes Out: Why the 4 Students Were Killed
Since this incident happened I’ve pondered and wondered what could have gone wrong that the four boys weren’t bold enough to talk and challenge those who beat and paraded them in public, leading them to where they were eventually killed.
Now the whole issue is clearer; the boys “ignorantly” got themselves involved with a cultist who operates with a gun, all in a bid to get their money back from a debtor.
Below is what actually happened according to an insider….

An indigene of Aluu owed Ugonna some money and had vowed not to pay back. Ugonna who was popularly known as Tipsy had gone to meet with a fearless University guy (name withheld) to help them track the debtor who had been on the run.
‘Mr Fearless guy’ (a cultist) who was feared by many in the school had accepted to accompany his friends to get the debtor tracked down in exchange for a percentage of the debt.
They were joined by their room-mate, Chidiaka. On their way to the place, they met one of their friend, Tekena, who knew nothing about the plan, and he joined, just for the hype as is normal with young boys of juvenile age.
That made 5 boys – Ugonna, Lloyd, Chidiaka, Tekena and ‘Mr Fearless Guy’ that got to the debtor’s compound. Unknown to the other four, ‘Mr Fearless Guy’ who was contracted to intimidate the debtor just to get the money paid, went with a gun.
When they got to the debtor’s house around 12am, a fight ensued, as the debtor confronted them. A next door neighbour, a woman started shouting on top of her voice, that they were thieves, attracting other bad boys around the area, whom were mainly “vikings”, the rival cult group of the one on contract.
They swung into action by tipping the vigilante group who confronted the boys, referring to them as thieves. In the process of beating the boys, while they were trying to prove their innocence, the fifth boy, ‘Mr Fearless Guy’, who is a cultist, brought out his gun to scare the people, and he escaped, leaving the rest four at the mercy of the villagers.
The explanation they tried to give fell on the community’s deaf ears as the people insisted they must be killed….and unfortunately they were lynched!
Note:- this story is an eyewitness account from the 5th boy who escaped. He narrated this to Ugonna and Lloyd’s friend who has pleaded that his identity be kept secret.

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